To celebrate the fortuitous “loss” of several documents (allegedly) tying Kill Henry Sugar to a certain Central American accounting firm, we hope you’ll join us this Friday 4/15 at 8pm for a rollicking round of roots music at Barbès in Brooklyn.

Also on hand will be titan of tuba Marcus Rojas, aboard his trusty steed. Bet he keeps his money in his mattress.


On their first visit, they brought cookies, toasted the chef, and helped with the dishes.

That’s good manners, that is.

Ben Campbell and CJ Camerieri re-join us at Barbès on Fri, Feb 19.



Whither American Roots music, you ask? Hither, we reply.
After an extended hiatus, Kill Henry Sugar hereby return to our hirsute yet tender exploits as your metropolitan folk favorites.
Join us Fri 1/29/16 @ 8pm at our beloved Barbès along with esteemed guests CJ Camerieri (brass) and Benjamin Campbell (bass).